“The Authentic Italian Table” will be passing through Los Angeles, for the event A Tutta Pizza, that is due to take place at the Palladium in Hollywood.

Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West will be presenting a series of workshops dedicated exclusively to one of the most iconic Italian products: Pizza.

On 13 May, from 8 AM to 5 PM, come to discover all the secrets of Italian culinary culture, involving simple traditions and authentic ingredients.

Guests of honour Enzo Coccia, a master pizzaiolo, and Toni Gemignani, the winner of the pizza-makers World Cup and the Neapolitan Pizza Ambassador in the United States, will be revealing the art of the true Neapolitan Pizza to guests during the course of the day.

Don’t miss out on the chance to meet the Star of the Italian dinner table!

Guests in attendance:

  • Chef Nancy Silverton – MOZZA, CHI SPACCA 
  • Chef Enzo Coccia – PIZZERIA LA NOTIZIA 
  • Chef Toni Gemignani – World Champion Pizza-maker, TONY’S PIZZA NAPOLETANA, CAPO’S 
  • Chef Zach Pollack – ALIMENTO, COSA BUONA 
  • Chef Daniele Udit – PIZZANA 
  • Jonathan Gold – Restaurant critic, LOS ANGELES TIMES 
  • Jenn Harris – Deputy editor, LOS ANGELES TIMES 
  • Phil Rosental – Creator and presenter, SOMEBODY FEED PHIL (Netflix) 
  • Mimmo Bruno – Owner, DI STEFANO CHEESE 
  • Colman Andrews – Author, THEDAILYMEAL.COM